AST Management Services Pte Ltd
Ms. Violet Sng


As a thriving accounting, secretarial and taxation service firm, the founder of AST Management Services Pte Ltd, Ms Violet Sng, credits her success to all the support rendered by those who have helped her throughout herbusinessjourney, from its humble, itinerant and gruelling beginning to itspresent dynamic andwell staffed office conveniently located at the bustlingPayaLebar Square.Founded as a sole proprietor in 1985, AST Management Services was later converted to a private limited company in 1995.

Having previously worked in the tax department of an audit firm and the commercial sector for 20 years, Violet’s career expectations were not met by the nature of work she was doing.  However, the businesswoman had no intention of setting up her own business initially. Nonetheless, as the economic downturn struck all the industries, Violet decided to take the opportunity to establish her own personal service firm.

Even though Violet was equipped with a vast ‘product’ knowledge in meeting and satisfying her clients’ requests, the only hurdle she encountered was her lack of technological and IT knowledge and application. In such difficult circumstances, Violet wasassisted by her close business associates who helped her in coping with the rapid changing technology and many client-referrals through friends. As a result of Violet’s hard work and growth through ‘word of mouth’, AST Management Services gradually built upits reputation in the industry and garnered a pool of long-term clients,which include but not limited to,a Management Corporation Strata Title of a majorprivate hospitaland an operator of aCineplex.

The fundamental business management concept adopted by Violet’s AST Management Servicesis that the fate and well being of AST Management Servicesis inextricably linked in tandem to the progress, prosperity, and well being of her clients;anold Japanese adage whichshe holds dear, “Customer is god”. This means her clients are precious and dear to her which she treats each of them with a sense of sacred devotion, honesty, pride and unfliching loyalty. This sacred alliancedistinguishes the company from the rest of the competitors who put their interests before the clients’. In addition, AST Management Services unfailingly maintains a top-notch service quality while building a trusted and enduring partnership with her clients rather than on a purely profit-based customer relationships.

Violet always embraces another personal business philosophy that her clients can also one day be her friends. Hence, it becomes for her a great moment of happiness and lasting friendship when her clients became her friends. Through a symbiotic relationship of business acumen and technology nourished by deep friendship and trust, these companies do and continue to flourish  well under her aegis and care. This, is the biggest compliment and ‘crowning glory’ for this entrepreneur. In the upcoming years, AST Management Servicesthrough Violetat the helmwill continue to maintain, advise and support her close-knit client community while introducing new technologies to aid her in enhancing the services provided to her clients.